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Top Three Strategies to Promote Your Mobile App
Date: 6/8/2021

Business owners tend to invest a great deal of time, effort, and money into developing mobile applications. Not many of them, however, show the same kind of interest or spend the same amount of resources to market their apps. It is, needless to say, a mistake.

Targeted marketing is the only way to make sure your app stands out from the competition and gets noticed by your existing customers as well as potential customers. In the absence of promotional efforts, your app will remain unknown and unnoticed – no matter how good it is.

Given here are three highly effective, tried-and-tested strategies to promote your mobile app to your target customer base successfully.

1. Use Your Website

Your website is one of the best platforms to promote your app on. Your existing customers as well as potential customers are very likely to visit your website at some point and when they do, they should be able to see your app.

Dedicate a corner of your homepage exclusively to your app so that it is the first thing people notice when they visit your website. Also, create a pop-up page for your app and make sure it gets displayed every time someone visits and leaves your website.

You could also use your blog – if you have one – in the exact same way to promote your app.

2. App Store Optimization

App store optimization is similar to search engine optimization – you optimize your page on the app store to improve its ranking in search results. Statistics show that more than 65% of mobile apps are discovered by customers by searching on an app store.

So, you have to make sure your app ranks highly for the keywords and search terms related to your business.

You need to optimize your app’s title and description by including relevant keywords wherever possible. Create a short preview video that displays the best features of your app and grab a few screenshots that showcase what your app is all about. Your app logo should also be catchy and unique enough to catch the attention of the average visitor.

Ask your visitors to rate your app and leave a review. Positive reviews from existing app users can persuade other people to download your app as well. Finally, make sure your app is easy to download. The average size of an app is 38 MB in Apple store and 15 MB in Google Play. If your app file is too large and takes a lot of time to download, people might lose interest.

3. Content Marketing

A blog is a poignant way to drive traffic to your mobile app. It is a judicious idea to set up a blog before you launch your app and keep updating it regularly to build a sense of anticipation among your target customer base. After launching the app, you should continue posting informative content on a regular basis to increase your blog’s reader base, many of whom might be interested in using your app.

You can also publish articles on third-party websites like Medium and LinkedIn to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your app.

You can use the strategies given above to promote your app and get people interested in it. No matter how effective your promotional strategies are, people might not be interested in using it unless they find it useful. So, make sure your app is useful to your target customer base and meets their needs.