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Top Ten Important Web Design Trends of 2020
Date: 4/24/2020

Following the latest web design trends is a necessary aspect of your business brand marketing strategy. So, what are the top web design trends that have made it to the list 2020?

Here are 10 modern web design trends that can help freshen up your business website.

Full-page Headers

In 2020 full-page headers will be prominent used – designers will use a number of header variations. Because readers tend to focus more on the top-left corner of the page, key text, or call-to-action (CTA) buttons will feature on the left of the header with attractive images on the right.

Start Telling Stories that Engage and Entice

Smart story telling has always been a critical aspect of business marketing – the digital world is not different. You will have to build all your website and social copy as well as marketing campaigns to tell stories that are compelling and engaging. You want visitors to like what they see when they come to site, but you want to love what you have to tell – if you want them to take a brand engagement action or purchasing decision.

Attractive Cursors

There are so many ways designers can experiment with making viewing experience more entertaining for visitors. The use of attractive and dynamic cursors with fun shapes or even using of cursor-triggered animations can help drive visitor engagement.

Use of Purposeful White Space

Print media has for long used “white space” judicially and masterfully. The same is expected in 2020 with web designers using the power of minimalism with smart use of white space to avoid any jarring visual distractions when moving between elements.

Experimenting with Different Scrolling Speeds

The use of dynamic scrolling, especially when it comes to setting up different scrolling speeds both for your website’s foreground and background can deliver a 3D experience.

Use of Bold Fonts

2020 will see more experimentation with fonts. It can make your text stand out and automatically indicate that a particular message is important. Coupling the bold fonts with a use of neutral colors can further emphasize your headline messages.

Use of Custom Illustrations

The type of illustrations you use can make a big difference to your business brand image. Businesses will have to start focusing on using custom illustrations to deliver a greater sense of authenticity, brand creativity, and brand uniqueness.

The Experimenting with Grid Design will Continue

The use of asymmetrical layout can be a powerful web design tool for businesses in 2020. What’s not to like about asymmetry – it can be unique, attention-grabbing and a perfect way to demonstrate brand creativity!

CSS grid layout makes it easy for designers to design layouts for responsive web designs while also ensuring browser consistently. And while CSS grid layout is not 100% compatible with all interfaces, it definitely is a web design trend to watch out for in 2020.

Color Trends

Color psychology has long been a vital part of smart web designing. Colors can evoke moods and emotions. And while color preferences are largely individual driver, there are common grounds to usage of colors. Designers will have to pay attention to what the brand stands for and their messaging when making a choice of which color trends to use on their site.

Greater Focus on UX/UI

The UX of your website is important for several reasons – and most of them tie in neatly with ranking high on SERPs. You want your site navigation to be smooth, seamless, and engaging. Specific areas of focus will include the following:

  • Video transcriptions.
  • Voice-enabled interfaces.
  • Balance in graphic design.
  • Image captions.
  • Doing away with elements that distract from your messaging.