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Top Six Reasons Why People Are Always Online Now
Date: 12/31/2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has all of us spending inordinate amount of time indoors. And while we are working-from-home, socially distanced, and in home quarantine (well – those in some states where lockdown measures are being politicized), a major portion of our time is spent online. We shop, we work, play games, keep our social connections intact, study, and watch entertainment-based content – all online. So many of our activities have shifted online.

If you are still wondering why people are spending more of their time online now, consider the following.

Search and Learn

The most obvious reason to visit a website is obviously to search for something and to educate ourselves. It’s all online – and only a few searches or types away!

However, beyond searching, amid the Wuhan virus pandemic lockdown, remote learning has now picked up and students have switched onto online lessons and classes. So academic learning has also become an active part of the online space in a major way now.

Online Shopping

Another byproduct of the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdown has been the surge in ecommerce activities. Grocery shopping has been the number one shopping criteria for a majority of people in lockdown. However, people were forced to opt for online shopping even for things that they would normally shop in person. Retail stores and shops actively moved their businesses online which just made it possible for online consumers to buy just about anything online!

Daily Dose of Entertainment Content

Movies (such as Extraction and Greyhound) are releasing online, musical events and concerts and virtual plays are all online because of the Covid-19 situation. There is just so much more content online to be consumed. And the best part is all of this content is available according to our convenience and easily accessible.

Something New to Learn – Everyday!

One of the primary benefits of the online space is that it brings everything to your doorsteps – or in this case to your fingertips. Did you always try out DIY tasks? Or have you been thinking of trying out new recipes? Want to get off your couch and try out a new workout routine? But you always put off these tasks because of lack of time and – motivation?

Well, with everything so easily accessible online, motivation and time are no longer limitations to be motivated to learn something new.

Staying “Socially” Relevant

Social was a luxury in some ways and a means of entertainment for a vast majority of us. However, in the last few months of social distancing and home quarantine, communication moved online. So social became one of our primary platforms to keep in touch with friends, family, and colleagues, our industry – and a means to continue to stay socially relevant.

Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp Messenger, Tinder, and TikTok have all seen massive surges in both downloads and usage.

Spending Time and Passing the Hours

Work-from-home cut down on long commute hours for a vast majority of the working population, with schools and colleges shut, and with any outdoor activity or access severely limited, the fact is most of us suddenly had time that we never had before. And so browsing and spending time online was the best way to pass the hours.

And when you are bored and have a lot of time to pass, then you just end up visiting sites and looking up information that has absolutely no relevant value in your current life situation. Everyone with access to the online space is guilty of doing it!

A Brave New Digital World

The digital space opened up avenues and opportunities that we did not have easy access to earlier. The pandemic and the lockdown only served to further push us into the online realm – and it did so in a hurry!