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Top 4 Web Design Trends That Will Dominate Your Screen in 2020
Date: 5/8/2020

Web design trends are not consistent year after year. In 2020, some of the trends from last year are likely to continue and a few new ones will be added to the list soon. Staying up-to-date when it comes to the hottest design trends is extremely useful no matter if you are a creative designer, an enthusiast, or a business owner interested in quality website design.

On top of this, working on the top web design trends will make sure the web design looks contemporary, efficient, and creative – a bonus when it comes to connecting to the clients.

So, what web design trends will you see all through 2020? If you want to look ahead and keep ready for the hottest trends you’ll have to rely on the experts’ opinion. Some of the expert designers in the industry are unanimous about what web design trends will be part of the game in 2020. Here’s the list they have put together, based on their skill and experience.

1. Consider Text-only Hero Areas

Use of standard text along with a few other elements in hero areas - the large banner like area on a website header was more apparent throughout 2019. This year, you will see the captivating “text-only” trend that will remove background hero images by text focused on typography.

What is the resulting effect? A site’s typography gets a nice touch bringing out the site’s design personality. The New York Times’ Food Festival website, for example, has used a custom font in combination with animations for their text-only header setup.

2. Involve More with Neat & Clean Illustrations

Though illustrations have been common elements on websites for so long, there is a growing need for custom and responsive illustrations only recently. You can see this trend rolling about in 2020.

3. Make Nostalgic with Retro Colors and/or Typography

It is possible to make the users feel nostalgic by giving a throwback to a pre-internet age with the use of retro color effect and/or typography.

In 2020, this trend is going to stay in a twisted form. You'll see web designs far from appearing all-in on a vintage or throwback look. Rather they will include bits and pieces giving nostalgic effect, and mix them up with contemporary style.

This trend of using retro-inspired font and color scheme is implemented in Chrissy Teigen’s new website.

4. Infuse Black & White Going Minimalist

The monochromatic effect has been very active in design since 2019. This year, you will see more experimentation with aestheticism of no color design, holding on to only black and white with minimal in between. It is called monochromatic by going, minimalist.

With all four exclusive trends listed here, 2020 seems to be exciting for professional designers and design enthusiasts already. Your wait is almost over to see the above top trends adding value to the design industry as the next decade is about to start.