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Three Tips For Building A Captivating Mobile App
Date: 1/20/2019

Mobile apps have become an essential part of our lives. There is a mobile app for almost everything – from exercising to calling a cab and even keeping track of your work.

While this means that there is an opportunity to reach users with your app, it also means that there is stiff competition in the mobile app market.

There were over 2 million applications on Google Play Store and nearly 2 million applications on Apple's App Store as at the third quarter of 2018.

With so many apps to choose from, you must offer users something special to keep them patronizing your app.

This is why user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) must be an important part of your user retention strategy. Did you know that over 20 percent of apps are used only once, and most apps lose up to 90 percent of their users after 30 days?

I guess right now you are wondering what does it take to create a successful mobile app? Well, you must look at things from the perspective of your users. This means considering UX at every stage of the mobile app design process.

Let's look at three time-tested tips for creating a futuristic mobile app that will stand out from all the others out there.

Intuitive User Interface

No one wants to have to deal with an app that has a steep learning curve. This is why it is essential to make it easy for users to figure out how your app works. If users have to grapple with a complex interface, chances are that they're going to drop your app and opt for one that is more straightforward.

Making the UI of your app intuitive does not mean making it less stylish or advanced. You basically need to ensure that it is not difficult to figure out how your app works.

One way to do this is to make the main function of your app the central focus of your UI design. Also, take the time to test your app on members of the public before it is released and take note of their feedback.

Excellent Functionality

Have you ever downloaded an app that didn't work as it should? Maybe a button was unresponsive, some pages failed to load, or the app just wasn't working as it is supposed it. This can be frustrating and quickly put you off.

As an app developer, the last thing you want for your app is functionality issues. Therefore, you must leave no stone unturned in making sure your app works perfectly.

Run numerous tests on the app before it is released. Also, if necessary, consult other experts to help in the process of designing your app to guarantee that there are no problems with its functionality.

Incorporate Animation and Gamification Into Your App

One way to keep users hooked on your mobile app is to make the UI design engaging. Animation and gamification are salient ways to make an app more interesting to users. You don't need to go overboard with these ideas. Simply animating your logo or your menu can go a long way to make your app look more attractive.

In the same way, gamification can make using your app exciting for users. Gamification is not only suitable for social and entertainment apps. Even productivity apps can do with a bit of gamification.

Many popular apps including the Starbucks app have successfully used gamification to increase user engagement.

The Fundamentals

These are just a few tips that can make your app more captivating. There are many other equally important things to keep in mind. For example:

  1. Avoid cluttering and reduce cognitive overload when designing your UI.
  2. Remove all unnecessary fields and design elements.
  3. Use pop-up messages selectively to bring the attention of users back to your app.
  4. Make your app suitable for different platforms (both mobile and tablets).

As indicated above, the key to creating the best mobile app is to put yourself in the shoes of your users. Anticipate their needs and try to figure out how they will respond to your app. While you need to make the design of your app user-friendly, avoid emulating the UI of other apps at all costs.