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The Best Free Budget Apps For Your Android
Date: 5/1/2023

Finding the best budgeting app is not always easy. Most have unique financial positions. And a budget app that works for one person need not work for another. A simple budgeting tool often links to your accounts, keeps tabs and divides group expenses so you can see where your money is going. But many apps are capable of far more.

We've compiled the top budgeting apps and reviewed their best features for your benefit here.

Top budgeting apps

#1 Best Overall: Wallet Budget expense tracker

If you are having trouble managing your income, try the Wallet app. It generates thorough reports and graphs while automatically syncing transactions with your bank. Additionally, Wallet will sync with your budget to provide you with helpful advice for achieving your financial objectives.

Travelers will find the app beneficial because it supports many currencies. Wallet keeps track of your bills and alerts you when payments are due. Your financial report is also available for export and sharing. Although the app is free, you can unlock features like multi-user collaboration with a monthly subscription.

#2 User-friendly: AndroMoney

AndroMoney is a user-friendly budgeting program for Android with an easy interface. It provides various accounts, scalable budgets, income analysis, and in-depth graphs to support you in managing your money. The money you make and spend will need to get manually entered.

With that said, its slick UI makes this simple. People who prefer to handle their accounting manually but want the process to be as simple as feasible should use it. While the program features a free version with commercials, there is a one-time cost if you use it frequently.

#3 Best expense tracker: Spendee

Spendee is another tool that lets you track your money. It’s an excellent expense tracker to show you where your money gets spent which is vital in a world of hyper inflation and high energy costs.

The app also offers customized budgets for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. Your main wallet will not be affected by those expenses.

There are tiny infographics on board that can help you understand your financial situation better. You can enter other currency expenses if you travel to a different country.

#4 Best Budget Organizer: YNAB

YNAB is an app for people who enjoy organizing every cent of their finances. Due to its zero-based budgeting method, revenue minus expenses must equal zero. That does not imply that you spend all of your monthly income. Instead, every dollar is tracked, whether used for savings, debt repayment, or buying. YNAB supports your expenses along with your spending categories and financial goals. It has 34 days of free usage and a monthly subscription.

#5 Best Budget Planner: GoodBudget

Goodbudget is the best tool for future planning your finances. You can allocate several categories of your monthly money to Goodbudget. It tracks and examines them. It enables you to know how close you are to accomplishing your financial goals and shows you where you overspend.

You can access it from any location. Since it does not automatically sync with your bank account, you may need to enter every transaction manually. Some services require a monthly subscription to access. But mostly the service is free to use.

Final Thoughts

A balanced budget is crucial. You can fix the drain in your pocket, if you set up a monthly budget. It will put you back on course to only spend money where necessary and make responsible decisions. Budget apps can help you save money for a rainy day which may come sooner than later during a recession.