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6 Ways Of Using Your Mobile App For Brand Building
Date: 2/14/2020

The mobile app industry is booming – kind of like the US economy because of those tax cuts which correlates with the mobile app industry doing so well. Moreover, if you take into account the fact that there are over 3.5 billion smartphone users across the globe and that apps account for 90% of mobile time usage, then it makes for a very strong case for brands to optimize on their mobile apps for driving brand building.

Here are seven benefits of using your mobile app for building brand visibility and connecting with customers beyond simply selling your products and services.

Drive Brand Visibility and Engagement

Your mobile app(s) can effective drive brand awareness and engagement resulting in a wider customer base. Keep in mind that when a user downloads your app on their device, they will be exposed to your brand name and logo over and over again. This can encourage the user to interact with your app and engage with your brand more meaningfully – if your app is designed for convenience and meets user expectations then it could lead to the user even making a buying decision.

Improve Customer Engagement

Mobile apps can work effectively to push your brand message in front of your target customers. Create personalized in-app content to engage your target audience and to keep them coming back for more. Another way to get your message out there is via push notifications – provided they are used strategically. You will, however, need to ensure that whatever you are offering in your app is of value to the user.

Capture and Analyze Customer Data

Customers today are extremely particular about sharing any kind of data with brands. However, if your app can address or meet a customer expectation and build trust, then they are more likely to share data with you.

A salient way to capture customer data is by using your app to monitor customer behavior with respect to their browsing activity, level of engagement, hours of app usage, and their shopping habits. You can then analyze this data to make changes to your products and services to meet customer expectations better.

Drive Social Sharing via Your Mobile App

The absolute penetration of smartphones and mobile connectivity has made it easier for brands to use this to their advantage by facilitating better distribution of highly relevant branding content since app users can easily and instantly share any content they like over multiple social platforms.

Build Brand Loyalty

Another highly effective strategy for building brand visibility and engagement is via a rewards program. Reward customers who use your mobile app regularly – in addition to encouraging them to make more buying decisions, rewarding them will also lead them to endorse your brand among family and friends.

Fire Up your Sales Pipeline

Mobile apps can effectively improve customer brand experience by simplifying the discovery and making the buying process more intuitive and easy. As a result your brand can benefit from improved sales figures. Again, sales does not necessarily have to happen only via your mobile app – however, the use of marketing strategies such as a robust rewards program can definitely boost your overall sales.