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Six Best Free Music Streaming Apps In 2023
Date: 5/26/2023

It can be a challenge to pick a music app when there are so many options. It’s not uncommon for a person to have a genre of music that appeals to them. If you want to listen to your favorite music for free on your device, you should check out these music streaming apps.

6 Top free music apps to download in 2023

#1 Spotify

Library size: 100 million+

The most used free music streaming app with a subscription is Spotify. Create a free Spotify account to access a library of more than 100 million+ songs. You can explore musicians and albums of your choice. You can also save your favorite songs and singers for your listening pleasure. Aside from that, there is the matter of commercials and songs in shuffle mode. But the app makes up for that with wow factors like the latest in podcasts, playlists, and music sharing with friends.

#2 Pandora

Library size: 50 million+

Pandora is one of the first and most well-known music streaming services. It features a vast collection of songs and is easy to use. You may explore genre-based stations or create your stations based on your favorite musicians or songs. It’s free, like Spotify, and to avoid commercials, you can upgrade to Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium for unlimited offline streaming and playlist creation.

#3 Apple Music

Library size: 100 million+

Apple Music is a staple of Apple Inc. It’s accessible on the Google Play Store and is well-liked among Apple users. It has an internet radio and a massive music streaming library. Apple Music has a streaming feature supporting spatial audio for improved audio quality. You can pay a monthly subscription to unlock such unique features.

#4 Amazon Music

Library size: 100 million+

Amazon Prime Music offers countless music and songs from around the world. Additionally, it provides podcast channels, music streaming services, and online radio stations. The app is free which is awesome during a recession. But you can upgrade to a subscription plan for more features and ad-free listening.

#5 YouTube Music

Library size: 70 million+

YouTube Music, like YouTube videos, is now available with a dedicated streaming audio music experience. Of course, the free edition contains advertisements, but you may upgrade to the ad-free version. Besides, the app makes insightful suggestions based on your choices and offers an enormous library of audio-only, video, and live performances. It also has many songs with lyrics.

#6 SoundCloud

Library: 135+ million

SoundCloud has the most comprehensive audio catalogue. Here, users share plenty, including homemade audio and music from underground artists. So, if you want to stay updated on the latest uploads, you can follow artists and search for songs, creators, and audio.

Many users publish more than 10 hours of audio every minute, so you're bound to uncover something intriguing. You can build playlists to create a personalized stream of your favorite music and share it with others. A few devices allow you to capture and upload audio through the app.

Summing up

There you go, high-quality, free music apps that can serve as options for free music streaming. Apps like Spotify on our list have free and ad-supported versions of the service. Soundcloud has features that allow some songs to be downloaded depending on the artist. Then there are apps like Pandora and YouTube Music, which provide access to massive libraries of free popular music.

These apps have an easy user interface to find new music. Furthermore, they constantly update their content. They have playlists, uploads, and everything for everyone. We showed you the best free streaming music apps for your listening pleasure. So why not give them a try?