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Progressive Web Apps And How They Can Impact Your Business
Date: 10/24/2020

The exponential increase in mobile phone use has brought to the table certain exciting business opportunities that companies, big or small, are always ready to leverage. A mobile website can help you get your foot in the door and provide a basic experience. A native mobile app, on the other hand, can bring total control over customer interactions and content delivery.

However, there is a middle ground that has many significant advantages. Progressive web apps can be built at minimal cost, deployed quickly, and provide a satisfactory experience without any of the monotony and constant vigilance that usually comes with developing a native mobile app.

It also delivers a significantly better experience than a simple mobile website with more features and scope. Therefore, if you are looking to make a dent in the market, using progressive web apps can greatly impact your business.

Understanding Progressive Web Apps

In essence, progressive web apps are small, simple apps that are accessible using mobile web browsers. Customers do not need to download and install these, and the features and functionality on offer are far greater than mobile websites.

These are responsive and progressive apps, entirely agnostic about the system or the circumstances in which they run. They can adjust to several different display sizes, resolutions, connection speeds, or browsers.

They can also include security measures, show up in search engine results, and provide user interactions only possible through native mobile apps.

Benefits and Impact

With the use of progressive web apps, the positive impact on your business can be significant. Here are just a few essential benefits that you can enjoy:

  • You can provide customers with an app-like experience without any need to install something from an app store. Once accessed, progressive web apps can be saved just like website bookmarks and recalled at any time.
  • Incorporating a caching system can enable offline operation with progressive web apps.
  • Progressive web apps, apart from offering an app-like user experience, can also increase user engagement. You can program the ability to send push notifications while benefiting from these apps’ faster load times to provide a seamless experience.
  • Building, deploying, and maintaining a progressive web app is significantly less expensive than a native mobile app.
  • Excellent performance in low-bandwidth areas can help open up new, unexplored markets. This means a bottom line that will impressive your stakeholders even more than before.

Businesses have already seen large enhancements in their user engagement with the help of progressive web apps. They also offer excellent compatibility with various devices, including all mobile operating systems and the Windows platform. You get to retain many of the crucial advantages of native mobile apps at a fraction of the cost and effort. Any time you can save money is a plus even during a low tax environment or during a virus that has impact society, for instance.

These Apps Speak for Themselves

The overall reach of mobile websites is significantly more than mobile apps. Both these markets can be consolidated and made to work in favor of your business if you employ progressive web apps. The simple operation, user-friendly interactions, and lightweight nature of these apps can make your customer interactions even more friendly and attractive.