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To Use Your Mobile Apps In Sales And Marketing
Date: 10/21/2022

"I never lose; I either win or learn," said Nelson Mandela. Your marketing objective is to persuade prospects to look at your products the same way you look at your favorite food. According to a survey by App Annie, people used mobile applications for 3.8 trillion hours in 2021. Companies are successfully using mobile apps as effective sales and marketing tools. Not surprising since 73% of Millennials shop 1-4 times weekly via their mobile apps.

Here, we provide 5 tips on how to use your mobile apps in sales and marketing. Continue reading to learn how to build a sales-boosting marketing powerhouse.

#1 When you are good at something, tell everyone

Mobile apps account for 66% of Gen Z's time on the internet. A popular method for using apps in sales and marketing is social networking. You can reach your target audience nearly anytime, anyplace nowadays since most people always have access to their phones.

Social media promotions are one of the most effective channels around. Additionally, if your product gains popularity, you can persuade consumers to refer their friends.

#2 Demographics is the game changer

You can use mobile apps to segment your audience for marketing campaigns, communications, and offers that help you understand what attracts people to your product. Consider factors including demographics, shopping behaviors, psychology, and socio-economics.

During registration, you can gather user data by asking them a few simple questions about their age, interests, preferences, and more. Remember, each segment calls for customized tactics.

#3 Consider objection as a call for more

One hot tactic is to provide a product giveaway, contest entry, or other tangible incentives in return for a purchase, referral, or download.

Still, implementing real-world rewards has the caveat that customers who sign up like this might remove your service when they receive their prize. So, engage them with something to return for as soon as they get introduced to your product.

#4 Hustle till you make it

Search marketing is another way to promote your product. Find the ideal partner to improve and raise the visibility of your business. Advertisements appear when users look for particular app keywords. For instance, when a user searches "find puzzle," advertisements for mobile game apps can surface. A search engine like Google Ads can help advertise your vacation packages to someone searching for "holiday destinations. The link then leads to the app store page for your app.

#5 Personalized shopping: Customers disappear if ignored

Using mobile apps makes it much simpler to monitor customer behavior and adjust your business strategy accordingly. Therefore, you can get in touch with them to see why they started an action on your app but didn't finish it.

For instance, a shopper added products to their cart or favorites list while browsing. But they never pushed the checkout button and it had nothing to do with high gas or food prices. You may ask them what happened or send them a push message reminding them to complete the transaction.

Use your push notifications to increase sales by engaging users within your app and gently coaxing them toward a better offer.

The Bottom Line: Be a force that they can't ignore

The average consumer uses 9 mobile apps each day and 30 apps monthly. So, keep users informed of recent updates you've made and show them they are valued. Additionally, your mobile app will benefit from having a loyalty program if you incorporate one for consumer engagement. We hope you appreciated learning about these five tips on using your mobile apps in sales and marketing to enhance your strategy.