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How To Improve The Quality Of Your Leads To Drive Sales
Date: 3/27/2020

Effective lead generation can help drive sales for any business. However, your conversion rate will be high only when your website attracts high quality leads or leads that are primed for conversion.

Here are a four steps you can take to improve your leads quality and to drive business sales.

Highlight your Business USP

Customers today are extremely aware of what they want and the choices in front of them. The onus is on businesses to showcase how they stand apart from the competition and why customers should choose them.

By clearly highlighting how your business stands apart from the competition and how your products and services meet specific customer needs, you can improve the quality of lead traffic to your website.

Identify your Target Audience

A great way to improve your lead quality is by clearly identifying your target audience and customizing your site content to address the specific needs of your target audience.

If you choose to keep your content generic, it will definitely attract a lot of visitors, but then converting those leads can be next to impossible. What you need to do instead is focus on clearly communicating and highlighting who stands to benefit the most from your products and services. This will ensure that the traffic that comes in is interested in what you have to offer – in other words they will be primed for conversion.

Display client logos, or reviews and testimonials from clients – this will help attract other potential customers with similar needs and expectations as your current or previous clients.

Build more Transparency by Listing Accurate Pricing Structures

A poignant way to further qualify your leads for conversion is by listing your pricing structure clearly and accurately on your website. In addition, be sure to list out the payment options or parameters so clients know what to expect – this can help build in a greater level of transparency into your business.

If you have products or services with multiple versions (basic, advanced etc.) or if you offer packages with different pricing structures, it is best that you clearly list this out on your website. Also include any other information that you think is necessary in making purchasing decisions. Again, this only adds to the transparency element and helps build business credibility.

There can be instances when you use pricing as a product or service differentiator or to gain a competitive edge, then revealing your price structure is not prudent. As is the case with certain B2B products and services, you can include descriptive words such as “affordable” or “competitive pricing” in your copy.

Strengthen your Resources Section

Customers or leads that come to your website, will have a slew of question or queries – make it easy for them to quickly and easily access answers to pertinent questions via a robust FAQ section. This will help customers understand your business, product or service better in the early stages of the sales cycle.

You can also add a “live chat” tool to your website – this not only adds a personal touch to your customer engagement efforts, but it also helps speed up the sales process since potential customers can get instant help or have their queries addressed immediately.

Another way of improving your leads quality is by including contact forms with strong CTAs requesting for specific and critical information from potential customers – you can have one common form, or you can add multiple pages or forms for different services and products.