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How Do Mobile Apps Help Manufacturers
Date: 11/23/2022

Sure, using mobile apps for personal purposes has become the norm. With the new adage of "work smart," the millennial workforce is eager to work with companies that incorporate technological tools within their processes.

Manufacturing companies can also gain from apps like Dropbox, Venmo, or Salesforce. Based on this, the implementation of specialized apps can maximize the rewards in your productivity. Read on to understand how adopting mobile apps can help manufacturers.

What is a manufacturing application?

Industry workflows get transformed by manufacturing apps that combine data, process automation, operations, equipment, and tracking devices to fulfill corporate goals.

Although the use of mobile apps for production may appear trivial, this change is rather significant. It allows for the following:

  • Transparency in processes
  • Connect to the equipment and tools; shop floor sensors enable staff to generate more products.
  • Lessen the likelihood of human error
  • Boost labor capabilities in factories worldwide

Benefits of mobile applications in manufacturing

Here are some advantages that mobile applications for manufacturing organizations have to offer:

Visual instructions

Implementing industrial apps eliminates manual instructions and repetitive, labor-intensive activities. The worker is more efficient and commits fewer errors.

Live Updates

No more timer, notebook, or time-consuming spreadsheets during the activity; the work process is smooth. The information helps to streamline the process, give line managers feedback, and obtain a live snapshot on the job site.

Enhanced Performance

Team productivity is seamless and improves through using apps and implementing changes as necessary. It also becomes highly crucial for security reasons in a factory crisis.

Effective management

Managers may "monitor" whatever happens within and around the operation via smartphone apps. A real-time view of stocks, employees, vehicle information, shipments, and deliveries is available.

The precision of compliance reporting

All companies should adhere to stringent quality and safety control rules. Data accuracy required for quality assurance and compliance inspections improves through mobile app usage.

More rapid decision-making

You get fast access to reliable data to enhance the whole manufacturing process. Apps can significantly accelerate the decision-making process.

More rapid decision-making

You get fast access to reliable data to enhance the whole manufacturing process. Apps can significantly accelerate the decision-making process.

Top apps that enhance performance

Many mobile apps help businesses through multi-purpose applications, increased productivity, and efficiency.

Best overall manufacturing app: Odoo

Odoo is an open-source, multi-purpose software suite created for manufacturing units, regardless of size and budget. It caters to business demands, projects, manufacturing, CRM, sales, accounting, and inventory.

Inventory and production app: inFlow Inventory

inFlow Inventory is a modern production and inventory software. It’s best for real-time strategic planning and resource stock management in a single visual platform.

Work Order app: Katana Manufacturing ERP

A manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) app, Katana provides a real-time viewpoint. You can organize sales orders by prioritizing and keeping tabs on the stock of materials and goods using a real-time master plan.

Time Management: QuickBooks Time

With the help of a dedicated iOS or Android mobile app, subscribers of QuickBooks Time may track time and schedules, whether at their workstation or when on the road.

Supply Chain Management: Magaya Supply Chain

Magaya allows you to automate and optimize your comprehensive logistics, supply chain, and warehouse management. Anything from order generation to delivery over a unified platform.

Final Thoughts

Maybe this comes as no surprise, but we'll say it anyway. The pandemic has affected all manufacturing segments in different ways. Companies have begun to assess their processes seriously. Clarity, scalability, improved system management, and superior production software are all benefits of digitalization. You can understand the basic concepts of manufacturing apps and the ultimate goal if you are aware of the categories and functionalities of industrial applications.