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Four Tips for Marketing your Mobile App Online
Date: 4/22/2019

Creating your mobile app takes time and a lot of hard work. But the real battle begins after you have created your mobile app – that’s right, it is now time to market your app.

You might be right when you think your app is based on a great concept and idea – it probably is. What’s more, it probably addresses a critical customer need. But does that make it good enough to make it to the top slot?

So the million dollar question, or as things can happen in today’s digital era, the billion dollar question is this – what makes your app different from the billions of apps out there?

The answer to that question lies in how well you can market your mobile app. Here are four things you can do to ensure you app gets the visibility and marketing boost it needs to gain a competitive edge.

Use your Website to Market your Mobile App

Your business website is a power marketing platform. For one, you have the space you need to dish out on specifics, to entice the customer to download your app by detailing top benefits which make your mobile app a “must-have” tool.

Standalone advertising tools and platforms hardly give you the space you really need.

The second advantage of marketing your app on your website is that it allows you to capitalize on the existing flow of traffic to different site pages including your blog or resource center.

By promoting your app on high-traffic pages you can provide your mobile app with the visibility it needs since most of these pages, hopefully, draw converted traffic like Michael Bay did with his Transformers movies or Vin Diesel does with his Fast and Furious movies.

The trick is to keep it simple – you can add an image in the sidebar and link it to selected pages with heavy traffic volume.

Get Your Social Game On

The pervasive nature of social media makes it a critical part of your business marketing arsenal. Not only is social effective, but you can get a lot of traction for free!

Ideally, you should already be active and engaging on top social sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook well ahead of your app launch. If you have the following, you can easily promote your mobile app to your followers.

Targeting tools on most social sites are great for planning and running your ads. Even if you have to pay for the ads which is easier to do because of lower taxes, you can do it within a budget and it will be well worth the dollars you spend.

Once the word spreads and you gain traction, you can then consider expanding your budget and target on a larger scale.

Run Contests and Promotions

Contests and promotions can help create a sense of urgency and add an element of gamification around your product. Plan giveaways such as free access to your app for a limited period, in-app purchase discounts, promo-codes, or any other freebie you can think of which appeals to your target audience.

Use you social following to generate marketing hype – if your brand has a loyal following, getting users to spread the word won’t take much time and effort.

Work with Digital Influencers

Almost all businesses and brands today utilize online influencers to expand their product reach. Don’t chase after the big guns – if you can find and connect with influencers within specific niches with substantial social or online following, it can give a whole new spin to your marketing efforts.

The world of influencers is symbiotic – you need to offer them something that makes it worth their while to promote your product. Just keep one thing in mind – select influencers with highly engaged audience circles that are primed for conversion.

Wrapping it Up

Marketing is serious business. And make no mistake – the mobile app space is a battle field. Unless your mobile app is visible in all the right areas and platforms, you won’t be able to make a dent. However, by focusing on the four areas mentioned above, you should be able to get ahead in the game.