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Four Reasons Why a Micro App Can Help Your Business
Date: 10/5/2021

Small business owners are often hesitant to invest a lot of time, money, and effort into developing a mobile app, since they have limited resources at their disposal and are not sure if the app would be received positively by their target customer base.

If you find yourself in such a situation, it might be a prudent idea for you to develop a micro app for your business.

A micro app is a simple, HTML based application that is designed to perform a particular function. There five reasons why it could benefit your business immensely.

1. Cheaper and Easier to Develop

This is the most critical reason why many small business owners are interested in developing micro apps. A micro app is small in size and designed for a very specific function. So, it does not require a great deal of money or human-hours to develop such an app. You can easily develop one for your business, even if you happen to be on a small budget.

2. Better User Experience

Oftentimes, business owners try to pack a lot of features and functions into their mobile apps in an effort to make it more useful for the customers.

The problem, however, is that such fully loaded apps are usually large in size, slow to load, and difficult to navigate. A micro app, on the other hand, is small in size, loads in no time, and is very easy to use. So, it provides a much better user experience compared to a regular mobile app.

3. Customers Prefer ‘In and Out’ Experience

When it comes to mobile apps, many smartphone users want an ‘in and out’ experience. They want to get in, perform a very specific task, and get out. If your app takes too long to load and has too many features, your customers might find it difficult to navigate through everything and perform the task they intended to do.

Eventually, they might lose interest in your app and uninstall it. With a micro app, you can easily provide the ‘in and out’ experience for your customers, as the app exists only to serve a very specific function.

4. Easy to Debug

You are not likely to get everything right about your mobile app at the very first attempt. There might be a few bugs – it might not load on certain devices, it might slow down the devices, some features might not work as well as expected, and so on. In such cases, your app needs to be debugged.

With a regular app, it might be a time-consuming process, since there are so many features.

With a micro app, however, the process is a lot simpler as the developer can easily pinpoint the problems and fix them immediately.

A micro app is easy to develop and allows you to test the waters before investing a lot of time and money into a proper mobile app. It can be a very useful tool for small business owners.