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5 Ways Mobile Apps Can Help Drive Business For Startups
Date: 8/19/2019

Establishing brand identity within a competitive market space can be a huge challenge for any startup.

A mobile app, however, can play a significant role in helping your startup expand its digital footprint by allowing you to engage with a wider audience and fuel your growth story.

The fact, however, remains that a substantial chunk of startups are still hesitant about investing in mobile application development.

A common misconception for this reluctance is the expense element even in the age of lower taxes where businesses of all stripes are spending money all over the place. However, consider the following reasons which prove that the benefits of a mobile app for a startup outweigh the cost factor.

Build a Robust Brand Presence

Old marketing mediums and channels are losing their relevance while mobile is increasingly expanding its footprint not only as a means for customers to discover and interact with brands, but also as a means for brands to reach out and connect with wider audience base.

It is after all the age of instant gratification – and mobile is the best medium to fulfil this customer expectation.

24/7 access to your mobile app can help with brand visibility while also ensuring that customers can interact with your business in their exact moment of need. Thus, giving your startup a competitive advantage and helping expand your brand presence which is awesome even if the economy was not growing at 3% GDP.

Boost Your Sales with a Mobile App

Getting more sales is a challenge that both established businesses and startups face. However, a mobile app can provide your startup with real-time and useful customer intelligence – thereby enabling you to quickly identify potential leads. As a result, your sales pipeline will swell with quality leads that are primed for conversion.

Drive Conversions

Converting sales and boosting your ROI can face multiple hurdles in today’s competitive business space. Here again, a mobile app can bring you fantastic results. Integrate analytics with your mobile app to gain useful customer insight. If you know how customers will behave, predicting their next move becomes easier.

You can then go ahead and tailor or tweak your marketing to ensure positive customer response and effectively determine the allocation of resources for converting leads both in the short term and as a lifelong customer.

Monitor and Track User Behavior

If you want to keep your sales pipelines fluid, then you need to have your finger on the pulse of what your target audience is looking for. Only if you know customer behavior and expectation can you plan effective marketing strategies and engage your customers. You don’t want to treat your customers like House did his patients!

Your mobile app can help you save on time, money, and effort which would otherwise be spent on extensive and often expensive market analysis. As mentioned above, the integration of analytical tools can give you access to customer data in real-time. You can then use this insight to plan and upgrade your marketing effectively.

Enhance and Upgrade Your Startup Marketing

Specific features of a mobile app such as push notifications and geo-location can help you actively engage with customers and promote your products and solutions quickly and seamlessly among both existing customers and among potential target audience bases.