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Five Tips to Market Your New Android App
Date: 4/26/2022

The android app market faces stiff competition with millions of apps vying for the customer’s attention.

Even if you may have developed a highly useful or innovative app, you will need an astute marketing plan and strategy to make potential end-users aware of the app and get them to try it out.

Here are a few key tips to successfully release and promote your new android app.

1. Don’t Confine Your App to Just One Store

Make sure that you make your new android app as accessible as possible by uploading it to multiple stores. While Google Play Store is probably the best in the business for android apps, you should also consider other channels such as the Amazon Appstore, GetJar, and SlideMe.

Each of these options will boost accessibility and help generate more awareness about your application among various user segments.

2. Invest Time and Effort in PR and Reviews

The Android user community is highly engaged and they love new information and the latest developments to enhance their user experience. Make your app presentation to prominent mobile app reviewers, tech journalists, and popular tech websites and magazines so that you can get features reviews for your android app.

You may even consider paying some leading reviewers for their time to test your new app and give their review. A good way to submit your mobile app to reviewers could be send them a document that provides a link to the app in one of the major app stores.

Include a brief overview of your app and about the demographic profile of your app’s audience. Add screenshots detailing the inside working of your app for more effect.

3. Use SEO to Get Your App to Rank Higher

Merely having your app available for download on Google Play Store is not going to be enough. Your goal should be increase the visibility of your app in the store.

Google Play Store operates quite similar to the Google internet search engine. You can optimize your new android app with targeted keywords so that interested users are able to search and identify your app in the store.

Make sure you use the most important keyword or key phrase in the title of the app and use it multiple times within the description. If your app wins good ratings and reviews on third party sites, Google Play Store will recognize these achievements and start ranking your app higher.

4. Consider Affiliate Ad Marketing

Get in touch with a reputed affiliate ad marketing firm, which can help you promote your android app via banners, websites and other apps within their ad network.

You can also create a dedicated affiliate marketing program where you offer third party sites, bloggers, and apps specific monetary benefits for every visitor they send to your application.

5. Find Ways to Achieve User Loyalty

Your loyal android app users can be your best brand ambassadors. They will spread the good word about your app, leave positive comments and reviews on social media networks and tech review sites, and bolster your app’s online reputation.

You can create loyalty programs to reward these types of users with unique benefits. You may promote such programs via push notifications and social media to encourage other potential users to become loyal app users.