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5 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile App For Your Small Business
Date: 5/28/2019

A business website, a robust blog, social presence, and customer endorsement in the form of reviews and testimonials are digital essentials for any small business. But what about mobile apps?

In an era of connected devices and exploding smartphone usage, the mobile app market is expanding at an exponential rate and certainly helps that America is growing at 3% plus because of those tax cuts.

In fact, by 2020, the total amount of payments that will be made via mobile devices is expected to touch $503 billion.

So, are you guilty of your mobile marketing strategy to a mobile website where customers might make a one-time purchase and then move on?

If yes, then continue reading to know how mobile apps can make it easier for your small businesses to attract and retain customers.

Enhance Customer Engagement

One of the most effective ways of ensuring your customers stay engaged with your brand is via mobile applications.

You can send customers timely reminders about deals or bargains, you can offer them discounts or special offers, send them first invites to special sales and marketing events – dropping these nuggets from time to time can up the ante of your brand engagement strategy.

Create Customized Brand Interaction Points

To take the earlier point about customer engagement – customers today expect personalized brand interactions and experiences.

In fact, customer experience is expected to become the dominant brand differentiator by 2020 – overtaking both price and product says a Walker study.

In addition, consider these three statistics:

  • 86% of customers would be willing to pay more in return for notable customer experience
  • 73% say that stellar customer experience is an important factor in their buying decisions.
  • 65% say that positive brand experience is a far greater influencer compared to great brand advertising.

And what better platform to create personalized customer experiences than a mobile app - you can customize all your marketing messages making them highly relevant on an individual basis thereby creating strong brand experiences.

Drive Customer Loyalty

Loyalty programs are one of the ways in which brands reward customers who are loyal to the brand – in other words, it is about acknowledging and appreciating their loyalty.

A good example of a loyalty program is to reward customers who have been using your business app for say a set amount of time, with cashback or coupons. It can create an instant connection.

You can build on this connection and convert them into brand evangelists since these customers would be more than willing to interact with your marketing material including taking part in surveys or responding to other queries (great data source). They would be equally happy to drop positive reviews and provide testimonials – kind of like people who saw Transformers 5 and Fast and Furious 8 but this is another topic.

Create an On-Demand Market Space for Your Brand

On-demand services are a major customer puller these days. Is there something that you can offer on-demand for your customers?

If you run a boutique – can you offer home massages or couple other services that a customer can enjoy at home? Or if you run a restaurant or grocery store, can you provide on-demand delivery?

So on-demand market is not about creating a brand new product or service line. It is about capitalizing on your existing customer base and creating an on-demand market space for your small business.

To Wrap it Up

The smartphone era has ushered in the era of anytime, anywhere access. For small businesses that constantly face challenges such as limited budgets and competition from big brands, mobile apps can be a game-changer.

A mobile app can provide you with numerous ways to engage with customers in a way that keeps your brand in their line of sight and in their memory.