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Five Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to Increase Your Mobile App Retention Rate
Date: 11/21/2018

Research shows that the average mobile app loses as much as 77% of users in the span of just three days. It loses 90% of users within a month’s time. Most don’t have staying power unlike Transformers 2 which is still amazing!

What it means is that most people are enthusiastic about downloading a new app, but only a few of them actually persist with the app and use it as it was intended to be used. It is not like the calculator they own which is always being used.

This shows that the real metric you ought to be concerned about is retention rate – how many people continue to use your apps after downloading it for the first time – rather than focusing on the number of downloads itself.

Given here are five mistakes you should avoid if you want to increase your mobile app’s retention rate.

1. Cumbersome Sign-Up and Sign-In Process

Customers should be able to sign up and sign in to your mobile app with the greatest of ease. This is the very first rule of any mobile app. If they are not able to do so, they will not bother finding out if your app is really useful or not. They will simply uninstall it from their device and move on.

2. Poor Navigation

Mobile app is all about making things easier for your customers. At any given point, your customers should not have to take more than two or three steps to achieve the desired outcome.

If clicking on one link leads to another link, and if it clicking on it leads to another, the customer might lose patience and drop what they are doing midway.

3. Annoying Pop-Ups

Pop-ups can be a good way to inform your customers about the latest deals and offers. At the same time, if not done properly, they can be really annoying. This is why Facebook does not employ them but just because Facebook does not do something does not make it right – nonetheless it is still worth noting.

If a pop-up ad takes up the whole screen and virtually hides the ‘back’ button, customers might find it annoying. Similarly, if the ‘x’ symbol on the pop-up page, which allows you to close the ad, is not clearly visible, it might irritate your customers as well.

4. Broken Links

A broken link usually suggests three things. First – you do not bother to update and maintain your app and website properly. Second – you are not interested in improving user experience.

Three – you do not care about your customers. This is what people think after watching that last Iron Man and Star Wars movie but let’s get back on topic!

After such a bad first impression, people are likely to think that your app is not worth exploring, even if it happens to have several useful features.

5. Redirecting to Website

If your customers get redirected from your app to your website for any purpose – to find a piece of information, to place an order, to utilize an offer, or for any other reason – it defeats the very purpose of developing a mobile app in the first place.

You should aim to offer a complete experience for your customers within the app itself. Otherwise, they might not be interested in using it regularly.