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Five Features You Need In Your Mobile App In 2022
Date: 6/27/2022

Mobile app development is always evolving. With changing customer preferences and new technologies coming to the fore regularly, mobile app developers are always trying to integrate new features in their apps to rise above the competition.

Given the ever-changing landscape of sought-after mobile app features, here are 5 features you need in your mobile app in 2022 for better competitive advantage.

Multi-feature Apps

Recent trends show that instead of installing ten apps to accomplish ten different functions, customers would prefer one app that bundles all ten functions into a central location. The key factor here is convenience over specialization.

Great examples include an app that takes care of fitness tracking that also has diet consultancy, lifestyle alerts, workout guides, and other fitness features. A communication app that bundles email, chat, calendars, and social media integration can also be a solid bet.

It is up to the developers to find niches that can effectively use this approach.

Anonymity and Security Features

With concerns about data safety at an all-time high, mobile app developers can score important points by integrating anonymity and security features into their apps in 2022. With massive data breaches, authorities and regulating bodies all over the world have begun tightening up on data security.

In 2022, developers can give customers reliability and peace of mind by integrating advanced anonymity and security features in their apps. Apart from multi-factor authentication, biometric logins, and face recognition, it’s an astute idea to adopt a security-by-design philosophy.

Multi-device Sync

More and more people are now using more than one device. This can include multiple phones, tablets, and computers. This means that enabling multi-device synchronization on your apps can be a crucial feature in 2022. This gives users the convenience of starting an action on one device or platform or completing it on another.

An astounding example of this would be integrating real-time synchronization across your apps for different platforms, like Android and iOS. You can also enable sync across native and web app versions of your mobile app.

Speech Recognition

Many users now favor a device use workflow that involves hands-free use. In 2022, it’s a terrific idea to give users the ability to use their voice to control apps through speech recognition. A voice-accessible app can also be a stellar option for users with special needs.

This can be easily accomplished by using one of the many polished and feature-rich speech recognition SDK offerings to create a seamless experience for users with voice control.

Scalable Text and Graphics

One of the best ways to ensure that your app is a hit with users is to give them the ability to enjoy the app on their own terms. This involves not defining the size of text and graphic elements on your app but instead making them scalable.

This allows app elements to defer to the scaling preferences users set in their phone settings and displays the app accordingly. Another judicious idea is to allow your app to revert to dark mode if the user has it set on their phone.

Key Takeaways

With these features, mobile app developers can really stay on top of their game in 2022 and create apps that capture the interest and imagination of an ever-evolving audience base.