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Fifty Most Visited Websites In The World
Date: 7/24/2023

As we move into Q2 2023, it's clear that the internet is changing faster than ever before. Websites and online presence are becoming more crucial for people and businesses.

It's essential to stay on top of all the latest online trends and stats, like website traffic and mobile usage.

Here's a comprehensive list of the top 50 websites around the globe. We got the info we needed from RankRanger, one of the best digital marketing platforms, to ensure we got the correct traffic estimates. All the data we used is as of July 2023. Please note, we removed any websites we thought were inappropriate from our rankings.

Top 50 Websites In The World

Rank Website Organic Traffic (Billion/Million)
1 13.48B
2 6.22B
3 4.39B
4 3.60B
5 3.12B
6 2.87B
7 1.50B
8 1.32B
9 1.18B
10 1.16B
11 1.15B
12 1.07B
13 971.74M
14 949.71M
15 877.23M
16 742.68M
17 698.78M
18 697.30M
19 668.57M
20 666.56M
21 596.94M
22 575.89M
23 532.52M
24 514.42M
25 496.25M
26 482.17M
27 475.43M
28 462.31M
29 460.94M
30 457.28M
31 446.64M
32 443.94M
33 434.87M
34 414.14M
35 412.36M
36 400.96M
37 378.91M
38 374.42M
39 365.07M
40 333.83M
41 332.01M
42 329.26M
43 315.13M
44 312.96M
45 299.64M
46 299.47M
47 298.09M
48 290.84M
49 280.05M
50 278.53M

Google is the most-visited website worldwide, with 13.48 billion unique visitors

The fact that Google is the number one website globally. It means that web users trust and rely on Google's services, including search, email, and online advertising. It also means that businesses need to have a leading online presence on Google to reach a wider audience for their marketing.

Amazon, the everlasting online retail website

Amazon seems to have picked up in July 2023, coming in at #3 with 4.39 billion organic visits so far. The jump is probably in anticipation of the upcoming Prime Day sales, while Amazon has been sending out notifications to Amazon Prime customers. experienced a decrease in total web traffic in April of 2023, with a cumulative 2.2 billion combined visits, compared to 2.4 billion in March. This trend makes the most popular e-commerce platform in the US.

The growth of online retail in the US has been steadily increasing, with e-commerce making up 14.7% of total retail sales in Q4 2022. In that same period, total US retail online sales reached more than $262 billion.

Craigslist gains traction

Surprisingly Craigslist comes in at #22. Traffic to Craigslist has seen a significant increase, if compared to May, with searches for "Craigslist Seattle" and "Craigslist" leading the way in traffic – perhaps because of the recession and people looking for jobs. This trend contrasts sharply with the search results for Best Buy, Lowes, and Kohl's.

WhatsApp is on top for instant messaging

WhatsApp falls in at the #29 spot. It is an instant messaging and voice-over-IP (VoIP) platform and is part of platforms under the Meta umbrella. It is one of the most widely used messaging and social media applications.

WhatsApp has over 2 billion active monthly users. In comparison to May, the traffic on grew by 18.3%.

Top Findings

  • Google is the number one search engine in more than 190 countries.
  • Facebook, ranked #2, is the unbeatable king of social media, with 6.2 billion visits by organic search.
  • Apple, the leader of - all things innovation with a market cap of over 2 trillion dollars, is #5. Apple has a fantastic 3.2 billion in organic traffic.
  • Amazon is the number one online retailer in the United States and most other countries.
  • is the #3 website in the United Kingdom
  • BBC is the number one news website in most countries.
  • WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app when compared to other options.

Wrapping Up

We've finished our list of the top 50 websites as of July 2023, and people's interests have changed. The most popular sites are related to search engines like Google, dictionaries like Merriam-Webster,, and, social media sites like Facebook and Tiktok, and news or media like BBC and CNBC. Keep checking here for more latest trending news on technological info, apps, and websites.