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Eight Reasons Why Apps Might Become More Important Than Your Website
Date: 10/28/2023

If you think mobile apps are only for big brands like Amazon or Bank of America, you’re mistaken. In fact, according to StatCounter, around 54% of internet activity worldwide comes from mobile devices.

Having a well-designed and practical app opens up a world of possibilities. Here are some top reasons mobile apps may be better than mobile websites.

The top reasons mobile apps may be better than mobile websites

#1 Personalized customization with apps

Mobile applications provide a platform for personalization, allowing users to communicate based on their interests, geographical location, and usage patterns. You can also use an A/B testing tool to test different customer experiences and know which performs better, your web page or app.

Furthermore, applications can monitor customer engagement and use this data to offer personalized recommendations and updates. Additionally, applications can use real-time location data to provide geo-specific content to users.

#2 Create a strong brand

An application can be a powerful tool for businesses to communicate with their customers. It allows them to learn more about the company and its services and helps build robust customer-centric relationships. With that said, an app can help to increase brand loyalty, increasing the likelihood of customers making future purchases from the business. Furthermore, providing an additional customer service channel can help to strengthen the brand.

#3 The power of reach: Notifications

Today, mobile devices are the primary source of marketing for businesses. When companies create an app for business, it opens up a new channel for mobile marketing: push notifications. Even if the customer is not actively using the app, push notifications allow the brand to communicate directly. It keeps consumers informed about new products, services, or events. This feature is one of the most direct ways for your company to promote your products and services.

#4 Faster communications via mobile

To buy your product, the customer needs to open their browser, look for your company, click on your website in the search results, navigate through the menu, and select the product page. A well-designed mobile application will work much faster than a website.

Your customer can download your app from the app store once and easily access it in the future. Apps save users time by reminding them of their preferences and to take action.

#5 Enhanced visibility

Mobile apps play an essential role because consumers interact with them regularly. In other words, brands benefit from increased brand awareness and faster delivery of your product offers. Users may share it with their friends and family, leading to more usage and new customers for your business.

#6 Improved CX

A cluttered website can result in lost sales, while a well-designed app can improve the user experience. An easy-to-use, stress-free customer experience boosts sales and increases your chances of getting repeat business.

#7 More value and data

Mobile apps offer great value through features like delivery location, mobile payment, mobile rewards, customer loyalty programs, and more. They also allow businesses to learn about customer behavior and make personalized offers.

By personalizing recommendations based on this data, businesses can ensure that the appropriate offers are delivered to the right people when most needed. All in all, mobile apps offer significant value that websites cannot match.

#8 Conversions

Mobile apps increase conversions by driving users down the funnel. Websites need mobile apps to increase conversion rates by reducing page load times, form filling, and search engine crawling.

An app can send suggestions and marketing material to recipients with a single click, making it easier for customers to accept offers and increase sales. Offer personalization can also boost conversion rates.

Final Thoughts

A mobile app for your website is essential to promote your business, boost sales, impress customers, and provide valuable insights. It helps you make poignant decisions and maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty. Consider creating an app to enhance website performance.