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Not simply your website adapted for mobile, but a mobile APP made for your business
Date: 1/28/2021

The world is at our fingertips, and the success of businesses in our ever evolving society has become dependent on their ability to grow and adapt to the latest technology. Whether it’s a small trend or a major move over, business owners and marketing teams must keep a sharp eye on what is new, what is different, and what is popular. One major component of success that companies struggle with is their mobile app.

A mobile app for a business is a highly valuable tool that is just short of a requirement for getting the most out of a business owner’s hard work and countless hours of effort. Many websites do have mobile versions that can be visited easily enough, however apps offer not only a more customizable design, but a more friendly interface that allows potential consumers to better navigate your website. Of course, a third major perk is the ability to offer special rewards for regular use of the app, enticing more people to work with your business.

How Does App Design Affect Businesses?

The customization of a mobile app is well above that of a mobile website. Each app, when designed side-by-side with a professional, has a plethora of options from the colors, shapes, menus, and accessibility of different pages. Mobile apps tend to pop more than a webpage that’s been converted for mobile accessibility, in part because the designs are tailored to the smaller screens.

An app that’s customized is often far easier to use and far more pleasant to look at than simply surfing the web on a cell phone or tablet. The app will often have balances and overlays which allow for easy access to the various web pages, averting frustrations that can leave potential consumers displeased, turning them away from the business entirely. Often the movement in an app on a page is more fluid, allowing for easier movement within a more concise space. Apps are often better built than web pages for touchscreen interaction. Web pages often are clunky and require extra steps to locate and carefully choose any items or links.

Why are App Rewards Good for Business?

The design of apps allows companies to offer rewards for far less cost than before, drawing in business with little extra cost to the budget. Without the need to print reward or loyalty cards, a company can use the app as a form of loyalty program. Often apps with this feature will have pages dedicated to the reward information, most easily accessible on the app, though often still available for review on regular web pages. Major hooks for an app reward program is a small free item or discount awarded simply for downloading the app and signing up for the program. Afterwards they’re typically based on purchases (done with a code or scannable image within the app), times used, or time.

These reward programs do two important things for businesses. The first thing they do is draw in new potential customers, as most people will have their interest peaked when they hear about free items and discounts without any cost to themselves. The second is that they encourage customer loyalty over time, as well as increased participation within the business. Customers who purchase more and/or more often will get more perks, meaning that your consumer may add extra items to their online, or in person, basket for the sake of gaining that next level of bonus.

Apps are easily accessed and used from any place, and allow for reward programs to operate without cards, and without requiring a consumer to have wifi thats active in the moment of an in-store purchase, as they often operate with both online and offline features that will sync whenever the mobile device is reconnected.

How to get Started with Mobile Apps

Many people want things to be easy and fast. They want tasks to be simple, and to feel appreciated. A business which doesn’t take advantage of apps is going to miss out on a major market and consumer base that revels in the various unique features that can save both them, and the business money.

Those who wish to join the world of apps should begin by looking at what their competitors already have available. Looking at current designs, app reviews, and the most common complaints and requests can give great insight into what does and doesn’t work for apps in your industry. An app for a floral business will be different from a clothing store, grocery store, or photography company. Each comes with their own needs and their own challenges, and must be addressed in such ways.

Once armed with this information, a business owner can begin the process of seeking out a professional that is familiar with app design and coding. It’s difficult, though not completely impossible, to properly create a cohesive and bug-free app without the help of someone familiar with the ins and outs of both the visual and technical design. As well, if a problem occurs during the creation or after the release of the app then the hired professional will be available as a form of support to resolve the issues.

Armed now with information, tools, and professional support, business owners are able to see their companies brought to life within the world of mobile apps. Once the app has been created and brought into public light, a company can being marketing the app and enticing potential consumers to take a look at what they have to offer. The young adults who have and are currently growing up with these apps at their fingertips 24/7 are the ones that are going to show the greatest interest in what these apps have to offer, and how the rewards can fit into their slowly growing budgets.

Mobile apps are an indispensable tool, and should not be ignored in modern society. With smartphones and tablets in the hands of the masses it’s impossible to ignore the benefits of having an app that is regularly in their sight, ready, fast, and easy to access. Hundreds of millions of dollars in business is conducted via mobile apps each year, and this number should be expected to continuing growing at time, technology, and society also grow and move forward.