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A Guide to Get Your SaaS Business on a Mobile App
Date: 3/4/2022

SaaS business models are traditionally centered on the browser, and most activities are accomplished via the browser. But SaaS within a mobile app can take your business to the next level, considering the high usage and penetration of smart phones.

Challenges App Developers Experience in SaaS Models

User experience (UX) is always a key challenge for mobile app developers working for SaaS businesses. If the UX is less than satisfactory, the end users are not likely to advocate the app to their enterprises and may drop the app in favor of another that promises optimal experience.

If the app is not stellar on many levels hope will never spring eternal.

With access to agile development, SaaS mobile app developers can continually update the app with innovative functions and features and optimize the UX.

Another challenge for developers is the in-app performance. External expertise may be required to solve any issues with in-app performance for your SaaS business.

The success of your SaaS mobile app can depend to a poignant extent on the in-app performance. Robust apps help to retain users for the long-term and encourage them to upgrade to the premium version of your SaaS services. They have to realize how this app will benefit them professionally.

Strategies for the Success of Your SaaS Mobile App

To gain new customers, it is common for SaaS businesses to offer free service trials. This trend is equally popular in mobile SaaS as well because customers can try out your app-based services before they actually buy it. But the key to success lies in convincing the customer to convert from free trial to the paid service.

Hand-hold the Customer through the Onboarding Process

For a new customer, making the full of use of your SaaS app can be a complex task. Your goal should be to work extra hard at the stage when they are testing or evaluating your service.

Simply setting up a solutions page or providing a demo video may not be enough to win new customers for your SaaS mobile app. You need to hold their hand and guide them in a detailed, user-friendly manner to navigate and make the most from your app for their business.

Create an Impressive CTA (Call to Action)

When a potential customer is going through their free trial period with your SaaS mobile app, encourage them to convert to the paid service using timely and effective calls to action.

There is no harm in asking for a sale right after a few days of the free usage period. Your goal should be to ask for a sale right within the free trial phase. Never wait until the free trial period is over.

What will it Cost to Develop a Mobile SaaS Application?

Carefully determine your budget and set aside appropriate funds for the successful development and marketing of a SaaS mobile app. To make a fair cost estimate, you can break down the costs into the following key cost components:

  • Development/coding costs
  • Costs of integration of systems within the app
  • Cost of building tests
  • A/B Test costs
  • Marketing and launch costs

Once you are ready to begin a mobile SaaS journey and develop an outstanding SaaS mobile app, get in touch with an experienced SaaS mobile app developer with a proven track record.